5 Ways To Study Effectively.

How To Study Effectively?

You study a lot but still not able to get a good score. You always forget the things you studied after some time. You are not able to compete with other students and you are categorized as slow learner then this is the article for you. Below are some tips to make things work:-

⦁ Relating With Physical World:-

Whenever you study something always relate it to the physical world. Always look for an example from the outside world. Our Brain works in images. What that means is, whenever you think of something, a picture comes to your mind. Like you think of your mother, your mother’s picture comes to your mind. If you studied a topic but didn’t relate it to the physical world, there is no picture of that topic in your mind and that topic will get easily washed away from your brain, in a few hours.

⦁ Time:-

Study time matters a lot. Not the number of hours you study but when you study. Some people like to study in the night while others like to study in the morning. According to the research 4 – 10 in the morning is the best time for studying. The subjects which you don’t find interesting and which require more #concentration like the theoretical subjects, cover them in the morning and the other subjects, you can cover them in the night. In the morning your mind is in a relaxed state so the topics studied in the morning don’t wash away easily.

⦁ Quick Notes:-

Whatever you study, make a quick revision note of them. They should be short and precise. You don’t need to write them in English, you can write them in any language, the language in which you are most comfortable. Write the things which are difficult to remember, book’s name and page number so that while revising if you are not able to understand, you can easily find the topic in the book. But remember to keep them as short as possible so you are able to revise a Chapter in an hour from those.

⦁ Syllabus:-

If you are preparing for some competitive exams, the syllabus is one of the things which can fail you. Always stick to the syllabus. I used to teach students, and I believe, no one is a slow learner. Either you don’t study or you think too much on a topic than required, and this makes you a slow learner.

⦁ Motivation:-

Always stay Motivated. Remember your goal and work on it till you achieved it. There are thousands of motivational videos on Youtube but I believe nobody else can motivate you, only you can because only you know your situation, your problems. So always remember your hard work and hard-time. Paste some cuttings on your wall to keep you on track.

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