Black Hole

A Black hole is a place in space of such a gravity that nothing can escape from its pull, not even the Electromagnetic radiation( Light ). Nothing is more black than a Blackhole. As they trap the light and don’t reflect so we can’t see what is inside but according to the scientists if someone falls into a black hole he/she will feel such a great gravitational pull that his/her body will be torn apart.

 How Are They Formed?

They are formed when a star which have a large mass collapses into itself when their life is completed. After the formation, due to their great gravitational pull, they continue to grow by eating other stars which are in his Event horizon. What, don’t know about Event Horizon. Okay.

Event Horizon is an imaginary sphere around a black hole where it’s gravitational pull can be experienced. If something enters into this region of a black hole, it can’t return, it’s trapped, not even light can come back beyond this point. If our Sun is replaced by a black hole exactly of its mass then its Event horizon would have a radius of around 3 Km which in science is called SCHWARZSCHILD radius. Earth will be in complete darkness then. Photosynthesis will stop and etc.
Black hole do die as they evaporate with time but they usually take a number of years to evaporate. Black holes emit radiation known as Hawking Radiation, named after the great scientist STEPHEN HAWKING, who provided the theoretical argument for its existence. Due to the emission of these radiations, the mass, and energy of a black hole goes on reducing and thus they evaporate. Those Black holes which don’t have much to eat and grow bigger, which don’t have much in their vicinity, shrunk and vanish soon.

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