Blood Moon

We all have seen Moon when it’s white but have you noticed it when it’s red. When I saw it for the first time I was amazed. Why it happens so. Why the Moon is red sometimes, that is what we are gonna dig in today.

As we all know that Moon revolves around the Earth and Earth revolves around the Sun. Moon is a non-luminous object so the only light it reflects back is of Sun. It is due to this light it looks white and shining. But a time comes when all the three the sun, the moon, and the Earth are collinear and the Earth is between Moon and the Sun. Due to the bigger size of the Earth, the light of the sun is blocked and the only light that reaches to the surface of the moon is reflected from the atmosphere of the Earth. As this light has traveled quite a distance[Sun-Earth-Moon and back to Earth], so the light of smaller wavelengths is scattered and the only light that reaches to the Earth again is the red and orange and this is why Moon appears reddish sometimes. The Red Moon is also named as Blood moon due to its color.

Non-Luminous Object: -Those object which doesn’t have the light of there own, they reflect the light of some other source.

Collinear:- In a Straight Line.

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