Counseling:- Benefits of small talks.

Counseling doesn’t mean you have to visit a professional every time. A counselor can be anyone who can listen to you and is able to understand your thoughts. It doesn’t matter if they got any degree.

You can counsel too. You can counsel your friends and family members. It will help you too. You will meet new thoughts. You will gain perspective. Your Visualization will change, how you see the world.

What happens in counseling?

In counseling, you express your thoughts. The counselor listens to you with concentration. When you are stressed out, you stick to a single thought but when you talk, other thoughts come in the consideration too. So when you are talking to a counselor, most of the times you solve your problems yourself without a counselor saying even a single word.

When you are going through a bad phase and you talk to someone, you will feel better. With every word, you will feel stress getting out.

When you got a problem and you talk to someone, now two minds are working on the same problem. So the probability of problem getting solved increases.

How can it help?

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When we are in a problem we keep thinking about that but we don’t see the whole scenario. While we are talking to someone about that, most of the time we are talking to ourselves and that is when the whole scenario begins to come into the picture. When we consider the whole scenario, automatically solutions begin to pop-up in our mind.

What a counselor does?

They just help you to form a bond with yourself. When you visit the counselor they help you to talk to yourself without you knowing. When you talk to yourself and you go through the same thing again and again, you began to see that thing through different perspectives and that is how they help you track your life.

If you are in a college and you feel your friend isn’t doing well, you can talk to them. This will help them. Sometimes you are going through a rough phase, it can be anything, a bad break-up or study pressure, you just talk to your friend about that, it will help you both.

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