Cracking Interview: Must know Interview tips Part 2.

This is part 2 of the previous post “Cracking Interview: Must know tips.”


Strategy Image

These are some points which will help you to prepare yourself but these are not the only points. The thing which is going to help you the most is your strategy. Strategy differs from person to person and this is what makes you different from others.

You note down the things you should do and the things you shouldn’t. You can practice in front of the mirror. If your friend is up for help that would be great. You can actually make the scene like an Interview.


Hand Gesture Image.

Always think you are being watched even if there is no one in the room. Behavior can tell everything. All the things that you wouldn’t even like to tell. So after you enter the building, put your professionalism mode ON.

Your gestures can tell a lot. Our subconscious mind is the reason behind the gestures. In the early ages before we could talk it is believed gestures were the only way of communication. When we started using languages as the medium of communication, slowly we lost the hand gesture and body language.


The person in the Interview will notice your approach more. They ask you a question and you are not able to answer. Well, good for you because sometimes they don’t want answers and just wanted to see your approach. They will ask you some weird questions that may seem impossible to answer. They just want to know how you will deal when such a scenario comes.

Sometimes they will ask you questions like,

How many hairs are there on your Head?

You know you can’t give an exact answer and even they know you can’t answer such a question. They just want to know how you give it a start, how you end. What things you include and what you miss? They just want to see your thought processing and thought processing can make a lot of difference.

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