How Bats find there Prey?

How Bats find their Prey?

You might have heard somewhere that bats can’t see.That is absolutely correct.They do have eyes like us but they can’t see.Why can’t they see?We will explore that too, but today we will be focusing on, if they can’t see then how do they find their prey?

Bats eyes are like an energy emitting source.Bat eyes emit radiations. This radiation hits some object like a wall, a tree, or a prey. When these radiations hit some object they bounce back and again enter the eyes of the Bat and the brain of a bat processes this information provided by the radiation and gets to know where exactly is the prey. Before making his move, Bats have every little information required for an attack. E.g. the size of an object, the nature of an object, Direction of an object, state of an object: rest or motion.


How do these radiations gives the information about the size of the object?

Actually, they don’t. Then how bat gets to know. Well, there was not only one radiation but a beam of radiations. Those which hit the object were reflected back and those which didn’t, passed and never came back. So by the analysis of the reflected rays, Bat gets to know about the size, shape.

And if the object is moving ,obviously the parallel beam will be distorted and this helps in knowing the state of the object.

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