How To check a File or Website From Virus?

Many a time we are suspicious of a file we downloaded from the Internet or given by a friend. We checked it by our local Anti-virus but that shows the file is okay and doesn’t contain any Virus.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can check your file from as much anti-virus software as possible? You want to download something from a website but not sure if the website is malicious or not.


Virustotal is a website which can do this work for you. Scanning a file is a lot simpler and above that this website is free. You can use this website as many time as you want and they won’t charge you even a single penny, isn’t it a piece of good news.

How Does It Work?

Virustotal offers you two options either you can upload a file from your local disk or you can copy-paste a link of the website you want to check. You uploaded a file and virustotal will scan that file with every Anti-Virus software available on the Internet. Some of the anti-virus which the virustotal uses cannot be afforded otherwise because you may have to spend hundreds of dollars on them. It scans your file with 50+ anti-virus software and tells you if your file is clean or not.

Uploading a File:-

Select the option “file” from the menu and choose file from your local drive.

Red Tick – Infected

Within no time, the result will be shown. Red alert mark is shown when the file is infected with any type of viruses such as Trojan. Green tick mark is shown when the file is totally virus free.

Checking Website:-

Select the option “URL” from the menu. Copy and paste the link of the website you want to check or the link of the page within the website and hit search.

Green Tick shows the file is clean.

You can see this list includes even those software which costs hundreds of dollars. Not only checking the file against the viruses but you can also see the information of a website by clicking on the host shown in the above image in a black cell block. You can see the domain name information and web-hosting. The expiry date and purchasing date of the Domain and much more.

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