How to help your friend going through a break-up?

You got a bad day because your Friend isn’t doing well. They are going through a pretty bad break-up and this is making you sad. So how to deal with this. How to make them move-on?

Sometimes it is just an attraction and if it is, your friend won’t take long to move on. It is going to be a matter of just a couple of days. But if it was a real deal, then it may take some long.

First thing is, You cannot make your friend move-on. The only thing you can offer in this worst time is the help. The best thing is to keep yourself at their place and think about the stuff that would be going through your mind at a time like this.



When we are with someone, we always frame our life with them. We see beautiful moments going to happen in the future. We keep planning things and this is which hurts the most, Expectations.


When we are going through a break-up we keep imagining the different, life would be if we were together. This is the thing needed to be deleted from the mind. Help them see their life. Offer them a nice conversation. Make them realize that you are here to help them, they are not alone. Speak less and listen more because this is the time they need a listener, one who can feel them.

If it is possible, stay with them for a couple of days. Go out for a walk or something with them. Make them realize that life is beautiful and it doesn’t change with the presence or absence of someone.


If this isn’t helping, get an appointment from a Psychiatrist. That will be really helpful. More you talk, more you let the stress get-off you. A Psychiatrist knows how to deal with the emotional stuff.

Make your friend comfortable. Make them realize that there is nothing they need to hide. You understand them and they can talk to you about everything.

Help them in forgetting things. Soon they will understand that life got much more to offer and the best way to enjoy life is to forget and moving on.

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