How To Live a Happy Life?

How To Live a Happy Life?

Develop a Habit of Forgetting Things:-

I remember my school days. Whenever my teacher used to say something harsh to me and the class would laugh it. I couldn’t sleep even for days and same thoughts haunted my mind.

One thing I learned growing up is to forget things. The whole class laughed, for one day, Ok for 2 days, A week max. So if they don’t remember things after a few days, why do we?

Change Perspective:-

Change your perspective of seeing things. You gave them a good laugh, don’t you?┬áSo instead of seeing it as an embarrassing moment, see it as memory and believe me after some years you are gonna laugh when you will realize, how stupid you were to feel embarrassing about these little things.

Admit Your Mistakes:-

If you did something wrong, admit it. Don’t be shy. Nobody gives a shit. Be honest with yourself and in the night when you go to your bed, tell yourself that I don’t know about other things but this is the thing I did right. It’s gonna boost your confidence too.

Be Stupid:-

Being stupid isn’t a shame or something. Do stupid things. Be different from others. Create memories. In the end, you are gonna be proud that you didn’t just pass the time like others rather you lived the time.

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