How to survive a snake bite.

What to do, if a snake bites you.

Snakes don’t bite you unless you accidentally step on them or if they think you are attacking them. They will bite you to protect themselves. Well, there are some snakes that will bite you just because they wanted to, but they are very rare.
Step 1 :
The very first thing to do is to stay calm. Snake poison won’t kill you unless it reaches to your heart. So if you will panic, your blood pressure will rise and it will speed-up. It will reach your heart much earlier than the expected time.
Step 2 :
Either you recognize the snake or you take a photo of the snake. There are different medicines for different snake-bites. So when you reach the hospital, the time to find which snake bite you will be saved.

Rattle Snake

Step 3 :-
This is the most important step.Sit down and keep your leg straight. It will relieve some pain. Now tie a tight knot of thin rope just above the bite. This knot should be tight enough to prevent the blood flow or near to it.
Step 4 :-
When you get to the hospital, the part below the rope should be tested, because the above part may show negative results and when you will remove the rope, the poisonous blood will reach the heart immediately.

Always remember to stay calm. It is difficult to stay calm at a time like this, but you have to. Most of the people that die after a snake bite are because of the heart attacks due to the fear. Even most of the snakes are non-poisonous unless your country is Australia, Mexico, Africa. So don’t panic.

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