Crack Interview:- Must Know Interview Tips Part 1.

Passing an Interview isn’t impossible but you need to know the right algorithm. If you been to an Interview before and somehow couldn’t make it, your level is upgraded. You can at least observe your previous mistakes and work on them.


Time Management Image

Suppose they give you some topic and you have to speak for 30 seconds or 1 minute.

First, prepare the content for the given time and then start speaking. Once you start delivering, don’t stop in the middle.

Keep an idea of the time in #mind. Either let them stop you or stop yourself when you realize the time is over. If you stop before the given time, the impression would be that you are out of content. It targets your creativity that you can’t even speak for 30 seconds.


Concentration Image

It is the main thing. Listen very carefully whatever they say. Most of the time the answer is in the question. Don’t think what is going to happen afterward. Answering the problem in the first attempt is quite an Impression and that is only possible when you are paying attention.

Don’t let the environment distract you but observe the environment when you enter the Interview room. Maybe the things have been placed there for a purpose and they question you about some particular thing.

Listen to every word that comes out of their mouth. Every word got a purpose there. They play with you and try to manipulate your #mind. So be aware where you are going.


Precision Image

They ask you a question, hit them with a precise answer. You can take time before answering. If you don’t know the answer tell them “I don’t know exactly but this is what I think”. Present your thoughts in front of them honestly. When you go round and round, they will know. So show them you are honest at least.

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