Admit It!

Let It Be.

It’s not a shame to admit something. You are fat, Don’t be ashamed, admit it that you are fat. I mean no insult but we cannot improve ourself till we admit that. Nobody is perfect by birth and nobody can become perfect but we can proceed in its direction.

How to proceed in the direction of perfection?

You are not going to work on a thing you don’t admit. You are a slow learner, no problem, you can improve but first, you need to admit that you take more time than others. I don’t see slow learning as a bad thing, maybe you work deeply.

Same way, you are not going to work on your body till you admit that you have a bad physique. Anything can be improved. There is literally nothing in this world which you cannot improve.

You think your way of talking is not that impressive, work on that, stand in front of a mirror. Practice it.

Be open-minded. Don’t be ashamed of yourself. Work on yourself slowly and steady. Love yourself. Respect yourself. Only then you will be able to improve. Point out the things you need to work on, then work on them one-by-one.

When you want to do something, just do it. Don’t think what society will say. Society doesn’t give a shit. Society has a job to judge people. So give them to judge, give them work, Be their Boss.

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