Less Is More

You ever noticed that when you are having Exams and you are preparing for that , you took a small break just to get your mind refreshed and you opened instagram , Even the non – funny videos make you laugh and when your Exams are over you have so much but you can’t enjoy anything . At one time you wanna sleep and same time you wanna do social media and same time you wanna go out . You can’t really figure out what you wanna do . OKAY, let’s break it down.
When you were having Exams you don’t have many options. You can’t go out and you can’t even sleep because you have to complete the course for your semester. So your number of options get decreased. You got only your mobile and that even for a small time interval. And when your Exams are over you got plenty of options and then you get confused.
The thing I am trying to make clear here is, it always happens when we are given a number of options we get confused and we can’t figure out what we wanna do and we become sad. So if we work reverse then it might bring some smile on our face. Think of a situation your dad gives you a list of cars and asks you to pick one and he will buy you that car. You got one but you never gonna get satisfied with your car. You will always think that maybe that was better and I picked the wrong one.
So if you are sad with your thing always think I got no other options I have to do this and maybe that helps!!!

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