Meditation is a way to reach the relaxed state of mind, a way to control our mind according to our will. But it is not that simple as it looks. You need the right way and right Environment to perform the Meditation. So today I am gonna tell you an easiest but effective way to do this.

You will require a white sheet, a black marker, a Yoga Mat, and some pins to fix this sheet.

Take the white sheet and mark a Dark dot on the sheet in the approx. center. Now take this sheet and fix it on the vertical wall right in front of your eyes. Make sure your eyes and the dot are in level so that your eyes remain relaxed. Take the Yoga mat and get in a relaxed position. Keep your back straight. Now the most important thing, focus on that dot and don’t think about anything else. As we all know we get lakhs and thousands of thoughts in a day so it is not that easy to control mind and thoughts but the practice is the key. You have to be regular to attain a relaxed state of mind. When you will practice it daily you will automatically see results and you will notice¬†when you are trying to focus your mind is empty and relaxed.

Choose a time for your Meditation and practice at the same time daily. Mostly the morning time or the Evening time is suggested.

Even if you are studying something and you are not able to concentrate you can do this for some minutes and then you will be able to concentrate. I do this during my study time when I study for long hours continuously.
Results may take some days but if you will practice daily I Guarantee you will be able to attain the relaxed and peaceful state of mind. When you reach this state your perspective to see things changes. You become more observative. You start paying more attention to the things, no one pays and that’s what our website is meant to teach.

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