Mind Games:- Fooling your mind.

In mind games, some tricks are employed to manipulate minds. Sometimes they are used to fool others mind and sometimes own mind. Manipulating your mind is not that simple as it seems, it takes time and you need to be very patient.

Why are they used to fool own mind?

They are used for our own benefit. A lot of successful people use this technique. Our mind has the ability to adjust itself and the other body parts according to the situation.

In the winters when you have to take a shower, it feels really cold in the beginning but after some time your body gets adjusted to the temperature.

These works are generally done by our unconscious mind but you can also use your conscious mind to make your body work as per your wish.

How does this work?

Your mind does stuff automatically but you can speed up the process. Suppose it’s a hot day and you are unable to bear this heat but you don’t get any other options. Your body is gonna adjust itself after some time and you won’t be feeling that hot, however, heat remains the same. But if you keep thinking that it is not so hot, its nothing, you will notice that your body takes much lesser time in adapting.

How can this help?

Brain Games image.

You have already done this a number of times like when you are afraid of doing something you keep asking yourself that you can do this and after some time you realize you are no more afraid.

You are studying and you are not able to understand a topic. If you frustrate in such a situation, it will take much longer time, but instead of that, if you keep telling yourself that you can do this, it is gonna take much lesser time.

In the research, it has been observed that people who can manipulate their mind in believing something have much better survival skills. They can survive in many harsh conditions than normal people because they keep believing and eventually their mind adapts the situation and helps them to find ways to survive.

You can use this technique to boost up your confidence as well. You just think I can do this when a problem comes and you will notice yourself after some time that this has really helped to improve yourself.

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