On What Topic Should I Create A YouTube Channel?

Many people want to create a youtube channel, but they are not sure about which topic they should create a channel. So today in this post we are going to break things in steps to have a clear idea on which topic should you start a Youtube channel.

Entertainment :-

If I talk about myself most of the time I visit youtube, the only purpose is entertainment and you know this yourself, comedy videos get most views, like in millions and that too in few days. The benefits of starting an entertainment channel :

⦁ They rank fast, fast as light.
⦁ Comedy videos are the most shared videos.
⦁ They get instant hits.
⦁ They get high revenue and maximum views.

Study Channels :-

For the other reasons, I visit youtube is Study. I am a student too, so sometimes I have to see some topics to prepare for exams and other stuff. If you are a student too, you must have seen there are thousands of websites and youtube channels on just one topic-IITJEE and no one can deny if I say they are making a good sum out of these. The other profits you can get from these topics are :

⦁ These topics don’t age.
⦁ These topics don’t require much research.
⦁ You can provide crash courses to the students at some cheaper rate and that can be a good source of income too.
⦁ You are not entirely dependent on Google Adsense.
⦁ Educational videos are the most shared videos after Comedy videos.

Facts Channel :-

There are some great channels out there working on this niche and believe me facts, mystery and myths are the topics everyone is interested in. You try it yourself, you can’t leave a fact video in half. You develop a curiosity to know after seeing their thumbnails. Things related to this niche :-

⦁ Finding topics is easy.
⦁ You can tell whatever you want if you got good voice and background sound.
⦁ Editing is too difficult.
⦁ Your videos will start getting views after some time.
⦁ You will get subscribers fast.

Tech Channels :-

Tech channels don’t get many views unless your channel is too good and outstanding and if you make a channel on this topic you better be best. The benefits of creating a Tech channel :

⦁ The content is easily available.
⦁ The editing of videos is easy, you just need a screen recorder and you are ready to go.
⦁ Some videos don’t even need your voice.

But you have to face a lot more competition. Your videos are not going to rank easily. Finding new topics is hard if you are a beginner. As a beginner, you will see almost all basic topics are covered. This industry really needs a miracle!

Health Channels:-

I am a Hosteller. In the hostel, there are about 600 boys and about 550 of them are Gym freak. So now you can guess. You can trend faster with these topics.

⦁ You must be an expert who has done all this for a long time.
⦁ These topics require a set-up like Gym and machines, only talking is not going to work.
⦁ Thousands of topics to make videos on.
⦁ You can make a number of videos on just chest exercise.
⦁ These topics cover most of the audience, Teenagers, Ladies, Parents.

You can trap the audience with these topics because if someone starts weight-loosing exercise with your channel, he or she can’t leave your channel in half.

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