Side-Effects of being Dependent on others.

Depending on others too much can be a problem in the long run. Maybe you are not realizing it now but it can harm you in a number of ways. Let us figure out how to know if you are depending too much on others or not.

How to Know if you are depending too much on others?

Suppose you are a college student and you have to buy a bag. You searched for it on the Internet and found a number of options but you are not able to pick one. You keep asking others to help you pick one.

Your exams are coming. You are not sure when should I start preparing. You keep watching and asking your mates when should we start preparing.

You are working on your Computer and you ran into a problem but you ask your friend for the solution instead of trying yourself to solve it or finding a solution on the Internet.

These examples are to help you analyze yourself if you are depending too much on others or not.

What are the effects?

It affects a lot. You Brain keeps extending its Boundaries when you try new things or when you make decisions. When you depend too much on others for your things you won’t be knowing your boundaries.

It is really important to know your boundaries because if you don’t know your boundaries you won’t be able to give your 100%. This is gonna make you unsatisfied and you will lose your confidence. When it comes to professional level you will notice it matters a lot.

Suppose you and your friends are preparing for an exam. You take much time than your friends to complete your course because you like to go through every single detail. If you start at the same time it’s obvious that you won’t be able to complete your course while they do.

You see, you didn’t realize your limits and you lose. These things make you believe in unnecessary things and you lose your confidence. Also, you miss a lot of chances to learn new things when you don’t try.

How to Help Yourself?

When it comes to making decisions, I agree it is difficult but if you don’t try this now you will develop a habit of depending too much on others for your work. The best possible way is “Pros” and “Cons”. You can figure out your own ways later but “Pros” and “Cons” is a good start. You make an oral list of “Pros” and “Cons” of the things and you go whichever wins.

If you don’t know what “Pros” and “Cons” are, let me explain. Think “Pros” as the positive points and “Cons” as the negative points associated with the thing.

Trust Yourself Image

Suppose you are buying a Phone. You make a list of positive points of the Phone and then you list negative points of the phone and this will definitely help to choose a better one.

Making your own decisions not only helps you gain confidence but also helps you to gain experience. You learn new things by trying. It helps you to know yourself and when you know yourself, your performance will improve.

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