Social values and beliefs.

We will start with an example to have a better understanding of Social values and inbuilt fear of risks.
Suppose a new shop just opned in the market and you went to buy something. Which shop would you prefer to go to, the old one or the new one? Most of the people will say, they will prefer the old one, true, I will say the same, but why so. Now you will say that the old one is trusted, they are better known. I am their regular customer. This is also true.

How this trust came?We haven’t been to the new shop then how do we know the new shop’s products not good enough?

Here come the part of Social values and beliefs. Our social values and mind always tell us not to take any risks. Our mind is very good at playing tricks. He doesn’t tell us directly not to go into that shop but it manipulates the things and instead tell us that the new shop can’t be trusted.
This is why we are on the same road mapped by our seniors. A very fewer people come with new careers otherwise we all choose the career most chosen and the one which is secure.
This is not a problem we all want our future to be secured but sometimes giving a shot to new things might come up some new bright opportunities. Even if they don’t bring the success, at least after some years we are not gonna regret that life would have been different I had tried that once.

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