Survival of the fittest

With changing time and technology the phrase “Survival of the fittest” comes to more and more reality. What exactly fitness means here? Should we be strong and healthy?

Who is fit?

One who adapts the environment is more fit. The person who changes with the changing conditions. Suppose you and your friend prepared for an exam but you both failed. Your friend moved on and started preparing for same again or for something else but you kept regretting that you couldn’t make it.

Who is more fit in this situation? Your friend of course because they started observing their past mistakes and preparing again while you did nothing rather than cursing your fate.

What is required?

The Next Step Image.

Continuous change is required. The things keep changing and when we don’t like to change we have to face the consequences. The change isn’t a minute game, it takes months and sometimes years.

Is Change difficult?

Actually, the idea of change is more difficult. When we don’t think about it and just go with the flow, it isn’t that difficult but more we think about it, more is difficult to change.

Let us take an example. Suppose you prepared for an exam but in the end, you couldn’t get a good college. You, unfortunately, landed somewhere you never wanted to. You wake up every morning and go with the flow, it would be a game of a couple of weeks to adapt. If you wake up in the morning and keep regretting, you are going to lose focus on your studies plus it is not going to give you any pleasure.


It is not that every time a change brings up the positive results, sometimes they are positive and sometimes negative. This is how diversity comes into play.

Observation Image.

An observation before a change can be really helpful. Sometimes we just move with the crowd but who knows where that path is up to. If we observe the scenario first, we will be able to know the possible outcomes.

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