What is an IP address?

Internet Protocol

An IP Adress is a number assigned to you by your Internet Provider which is like your Identity in the Virtual world. An IP address changes from time to time. An Ip is a number of the device, not the person.

How does an IP address looks like?

The version four of the IP address (IPv4) looks like this:-


The version Six of the IP address (IPv6) looks like this:


IP address is of two types :-

  1. Static IP address.
  2. Dynamic IP address.

Dynamic Ip is all time changing IP. By default, all the devices have a dynamic Ip address. Maybe your IP address in the morning was


and in the afternoon it is


Static IP is a constant IP address which doesn’t change with time. Some apps require Ip address for connection so you have to request your internet operator for a static IP address, although you have to pay extra for a static Ip address.

How to Check IP address?

Checking the Ip address of a device is much easier than most people think. Just type “my IP address” in the your browser and your Ip address will be shown.

You will see two IP address:-

A. IPv4 :-Version 4 of the IP address.
B. IPv6 :– Version 6 of the IP address.

What else an IP address can tell?

An IP address can tell a lot about you. It can tell about your location, Browser you are using, your device, the measurements of your device and much more. Why don’t you see it yourself? How to get information from IP address.


IP2location.com is a website which is used worldwide for getting the information about the person from the IP address.

IP address Location

An IP address can tell about the Zip code. If someone wants to be hacker this is the first step in the hacking. If a hacker gets the IP address of someone device, he can get your area code, your internet provider, your coordinates, your weather station and much more.

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